One of iCubed’s most important roles is educating and training the next generation of vaccine and immunology researchers.

iCubed seeks to make a strong impact in the fields of immunology, microbiology, and vaccinology both locally, in Rhode Island and beyond, by providing junior researchers with opportunities to learn from our institute’s most skilled scientists. Our scientists have a successful record developing junior researchers into well-versed professionals through education in unique technologies and hands-on laboratory experiences.  Our continued vision is to train and cultivate students to become practiced, innovative, and worldly researchers who can enhance and progress vaccine development and related biologic products.

If you are interested in finding out more about iCubed’s paid and/or volunteer training opportunities please email us at

Current Trainees

Benjamin Gabriel

Benjamin Gabriel

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • German diploma degree in Biology of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • PhD performed at the Robert Koch Institute (Berlin, Germany)
  • PhD degree obtained in 2014 in Immunology/Virology from the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

After finishing his PhD in Germany, Dr. Gabriel joined the iCubed team in November 2014. With his background in Virology and Immunology, and his previous works in the field of HIV/SIV, he is supporting the research team of Dr. Barbara Lohman-Payne. The main goal of the current project is the characterization of the T cell receptor repertoire of HIV exposed but uninfected (HEU) infants.

Vincent Barbier

Vincent Barbier

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ph.D. in Insect Immunology/Virology from the University of Strasbourg, France
  • M.Sc. in Fundamental Virology from the University of Paris-Diderot and Institut Pasteur, France
  • B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Nancy, France

Dr. Barbier joined iCubed in December 2014 to perform research on Dengue virus alongside Dr. Carey Medin. His current research focus is to investigate how Dengue virus interferes with cellular organelles such as mitochondria. He is also participating in a project in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Kate Fitzgerald (UMass Medical School) to analyze expression changes of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) during Dengue virus infection in dendritic cells.

Andres Gutiérrez Núñez

Andres Gutiérrez Núñez, B.Eng.

  • Ph.D. Student in Cell and Molecular Biology program
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering, Universidad Católica de Santa María, Arequipa, Peru
  • Research Assistant at Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit and Laboratory of Infectious Diseases at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru

Andres is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Annie De Groot and Dr. Lenny Moise. He joined iCubed in 2011 and have been involved in the development of different immunoinformatics tools with human and animal applications (JanusMatrix, CHOPPI, PigMatrix, FishMatrix, EpiCC). He is working on the prediction and validation of conserved T cell epitopes from prevalent swine influenza viruses. He is also participating in developing a tool that compares predicted T cell epitope content to better define the degree of conservation between vaccines and circulating strains. His research is performed in collaboration with Dr. Crystal Loving at the USDA-ARS and mainly funded by the National Pork Board.

Undergraduate Students
  • Jeremiah Alves
  • Sarah Janoudi
  • Siraj Janoudi
  • Austin Menge
  • Joe Silva
  • Jenna Wolanski
Past Trainees
Graduate & PhD Students

  • Anju Gupta
  • Danielle Aguirre

Biotech Interns

  • Ariel Lopez
  • Ben Javery
  • Christopher Lopes
  • Hassan Janoudi
  • Jacob Spinale
  • Joe Silvia
  • Jeremiah Alves
  • Sierra Vaois
  • Tori Deschenes
Visiting Students and Scientists

  • Adianna Nwangwu
  • Alexandra Bicki
  • Amalia Amburn
  • Brandon Sepe
  • Brian McGreen
  • Chris Bailey-Kellogg
  • Farzana Kibria
  • Javier Enciso Benavides
  • Kotu Sangare
  • Lily Roderick-Buescher
  • Oumar Kone
  • William Hahn
  • Yoonjoo Choi
URI Students

  • Amy Boisvert
  • Anthony Mazzaferro
  • Dana Goplerud
  • Gloria Tejada
  • Mike Carroll
  • Patrick Brehio
  • Jennifer Teixeira


iCubed internship programs welcome eligible college, graduate and professional students to conduct biomedical research with iCubed faculty.  Our internship opportunities include:  URI Biotechnology and Summer Internship programs.

To apply please include all of the following documents, in order, in a PDF file to :

  • Cover Letter stating goals and intentions
  • iCubed internship application
  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • One Letter of Recommendation (within scientific field)
  • Transcripts to be sent after semester end
  • Please name PDF file lastname_Intern_Application.pdf

To Read About iCubed Faculty and Related Research Focus Click Here.

2014 Intern Orientation

Summer Internships

Summer, 2018

To apply for an internship you must: Currently be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program or have a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. Be able to commit 30-35 hours a week during the summer.

Click here to obtain application form.

Recent BioTech Intern Program Graduates

Joe Silva
Joe Silva

  • Undergraduate Student (URI) in Medical Laboratory Science concentrating in Biotechnology Manufacturing
  • Graduate, iCubed Biotech Internship Program, Summer 2015Under the supervision of Dr. Rui Liu Joe Silvia gained experience working on vaccine development for HIV and Burkholderia.
Jacob Spinale
Jacob Spinale


  • Undergraduate Student (URI) in Medical Laboratory Science concentrating in Biotechnology Manufacturing and Biochemistry
  • Graduate, iCubed Biotech Internship Program, Summer 2015. Under the supervision of Dr. Rui Liu Jacob Spinale gained experience working on vaccine development for HIV and Burkholderia.


  • April 15, 2016

    ISV & Vaccine Renaissance Conference – CALL FOR ABSTRACTS!

    The 2016 ISV Annual Congress in collaboration with Vaccine Renaissance X and DNA Vaccine will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, United States on Oct. 2-4, 2016.    Registration abstract is opening soon! The planning committee encourages you to submit an abstract for consideration! Abstract Submission Deadline: June 24th Abstract Decision Deadline: July 15th
  • March 11, 2016

    10th Annual Vaccine Renaissance Save the Date Postcard

    CLICK HERE to see the save the date postcard for 2016 ISV Conference
  • February 19, 2016

    iCubed Team Members Making Moves

    This past week at iCubed, Dr. Barbara Lohman Payne received a new title of Associate Research Professor. Barbara joined iCubed and URI as a Research Assistant Professor in 2013, with the Laboratory of Viral Immunity and Pathogenesis. Dr. Lohman-Payne’s area of research is viral immunopathology, with special interest in the impact of HIV exposure in ...