iCubed is please to announced the awardees of the Year 4 Pilot Project program. The pilot projects are part of the U19 TRIAD grant, or the Translational Immunology Research and Accelerated (Vaccine) Development program. They are awarded each year for projects in the field of translational immunology with a focus on vaccines.

  • Tim Messitt, EpiVax, Inc.:   Development of an in vitro immunization protocol with hu lymphocytes for preclinical testing of vaccines and therapeutics.
  • Liisa Selin, University of Massachusetts Medical School:  Heterologous Immunity and CD8 T cell cross reactivity in human viral infections.
  • Rui Liu, iCubed:  Advancement of concatameric epitope vaccines by characterization of combinatorial epitope assemblies for optimal expression, solubility and immunogenicity.