We are excited to announce that the Institute for Immunology and Informatics (I’Cubed) will conduct a workshop for scientists and business students to be trained in the principals of biotechnology startup. The area of focus is vaccine design and businesses that support vaccine research and development. Participants will develop knowledge related to the development of ‘smart vaccines’ and infectious disease diagnostics and will be trained by experienced and successful vaccine and business experts. The goal of this program is to bring together scientists and business-savvy entrepreneurs who have the drive and desire to start health care-related businesses in Rhode Island.

The program will feature presentations such as:
• Practical uses of immunology and related market categories: vaccines, diagnostics, and delivery systems.
• Operating a Biotechnology company and options for funding a new company (presented by RI-based CEOs and COOs).
• Businesses that support vaccines which are not available in RI such as protein production and diagnostics.
• How to write a business plan including marketing and sales management, market analysis, supply chain management and financials.
Participants will be eligible to compete for a $2500 cash prize given to the student (or team) who has the best idea and business plan for a vaccine related start- up company. This award can be used for seed funding to establish a web site or apply toward incorporation fees.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Participants should have business training OR a background in biology, technology or immunology. Participants must have the drive and ambition to start a company in RI and to expand RI’s knowledge economy.
ORGANIZERS: Denice Spero, Ph.D. and Annie De Groot, M.D. Research Professors, I’Cubed
CONTACT: Contact.ICubed@gmail.com
University of Rhode Island (Feinstein Providence Campus), 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903 www.uri.edu/home/visitors/Map/ProvidenceCampus.pdf