Translational Immunology Research and Accelerated [Vaccine] Development Program (TRIAD)

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Female Mosquito Feeding on HumaniCubed’s 2014 Neglected & Emerging Infectious Disease Vaccines Design Toolkit and Training is scheduled for January 6-17, 2014  at the Institute for Immunology and Informatics (iCubed) located at the University of Rhode Island’s Providence Campus.

Fellows will train for two weeks at iCubed and then return to their home institutions with continued support to sustain their projects through the traineeship period. The training at iCubed will include an intensive, hands-on immunoinformatics and vaccinology core curriculum as well as bench-based immunology training, including HLA binding and T cell assays.

iCubed selected 10 fellows based on the applicant’s current involvement in research on neglected and emerging infectious diseases, prior doctoral or equivalent training in immunology or a related area in the vaccine development field, and substantial commitment from the applicant’s home institution to their future research career.  The fellows will be expected to generate data and publications after the training, and to submit grants for research using the TRIAD toolkit.

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