This past week at iCubed, Dr. Barbara Lohman Payne received a new title of Associate Research Professor. Barbara joined iCubed and URI as a Research Assistant Professor in 2013, with the Laboratory of Viral Immunity and Pathogenesis. Dr. Lohman-Payne’s area of research is viral immunopathology, with special interest in the impact of HIV exposure in pediatric immune development.

Dr. Lohman – Payne received her B.A in biology at the University of Denver and her Ph.D. in comparative pathology at the Univeristy of California-Davis. She completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and an International AIDS Research and Training fellowship with the University of Washington. Dr. Lohman-Payne has 12 years international experience. Prior to starting at iCubed, she was based in Nairobi, Kenya where she investigated mother and infant immune responses to HIV-1 exposure and infection in the setting of prevention and vaccination.  She has also previously been a Research Assistant Professor at University of Washington Department of Medicine.

Congrats, Barbara!