bodybgiCubed’s eighth annual Vaccine Renaissance Conference has been scheduled for October 13-16, 2014 in Providence, Rhode Island. This year’s gathering is scheduled over the course of four days, the first three taking place inside the Hotel Providence. Monday, October 13 will be focus on JanusMatrix. Tuesday, October 14 and Wednesday, October 15 will consist of lectures from several different sessions including: Emerging Infectious Diseases, Human Microbiome and Responses to Vaccines, Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy, One Health/Animal Vaccines, and Vaccine Acceptedness. The conference will conclude with iCubed’s informatics training on Thursday, October 16 on the Providence campus of the University of Rhode Island.

Please make sure to check out the Conferences page for additional information including this year’s featured speakers and other special guests. Click here for a look back at the 2013 conference.