iCubed is proud to announce Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Ph.D., as iCubed’s first “Featured Researcher of the Month” for 2012. Dr. Bailey-Kellogg joined the iCubed team in June 2011 while on sabbatical as an Associate Professor of computer science at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He was drawn to iCubed by an emerging collaboration on therapeutic protein deimmunization, combining his work on computational protein design methods with the experimental protein engineering expertise of Dr. Karl Griswold at Dartmouth and the immunology expertise (both experimental and computational) of Dr. Annie De Groot and other iCubed researchers.

Although familiar with Dr. De Groot’s work prior to his arrival to iCubed, Dr. Bailey-Kellogg became especially intrigued with vaccine design after attending 2010’s Vaccine Renaissance Conference. Sitting in on Dr. De Groot’s “gene-to-vaccine” lecture, he was excited by the striking parallels in methodology. Thus during his time at iCubed, he has begun working on additional vaccine-oriented projects including prediction of MHC epitopes and T cell cross-reactivity. Dr. Bailey-Kellogg hopes that by the conclusion of his time here at iCubed, the team will have established several viable projects that will continue both at iCubed and Dartmouth.

Dr. Bailey-Kellogg earned his bacehlor’s and master’s degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his Ph.D. while studying under Dr. Feng Zhao at Ohio State University and Xerox PARC, in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Bailey-Kellogg next conducted postdoctoral research with Dr. Bruce Donald at Dartmouth.  After a stint at Purdue University as an assistant professor, he returned to Dartmouth where he has remained since.