iCubed is proud to name Carey Medin, Ph.D., as its “Featured Researcher of the Month”. Dr. Medin is an Assistant Research Professor in iCubed’s Laboratory of Viral Immunity and Pathogenesis and is also the newest member of the iCubed team. She is researching the role of innate and adaptive immunity that lead to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), a disease prevalent in the tropics. Through her research she hopes to understand the processes that lead to Dengue pathogenesis in order to develop effective anti-viral therapies
and vaccines.

Dr. Medin’s arrival to iCubed in May 2011 also marked her return to research. In 2006, she left research to raise her two children. Dr. Medin then entered academia which included appointments at Becker College, Fitchburg State College, Bellingham High School and finally Stonehill College, where she took a position as Assistant Professor. During her time at Stonehill, she taught cell biology, virology, and designed a cell biology and genetics laboratory course.

Luckily for iCubed, Dr. Medin’s path to Providence was aided by the arrival of another member of our research team, Dr. Alan Rothman. She worked alongside Dr. Rothman while pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Later, while at Stonehill, Dr. Medin began laying the framework for conducting future research on Dengue viral proteins with undergraduate students. She reached out to Dr. Rothman in hopes of establishing a collaboration between the schools. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Rothman left UMass Medical School and headed to the University of Rhode Island and Carey followed suit, becoming a full-time faculty member in August 2011.

From day one Dr. Medin has dedicated herself to the iCubed mission.  Her credentials as both a researcher and educator have brought a well-balanced approach to the work of the Institute.