After wrapping up their projects for iCubed’s Neglected Tropical Diseases Summer Workshop, our visiting fellows are in Chicago this week for the Second Immunoinformatics and Computation Immunology Workshop (ICIW). The workshop is being held in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computation Biology (ACM-BCB). The events are running from August 1-3 at the Hilton Suites Chicago-Magnificent Mile.

Of the eight papers selected to be presented at the ICIW Workshop, two are from the iCubed/EpiVax, Inc. team. Dr. Annie De Groot, William Martin and Matt Ardito of EpiVax, Inc., joined visiting fellow Andres Gutierrez and Dr. Mirko Zimic, both of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano in Peru, in presenting their paper “PigMatrix” and the Design of a Genome-derived Epitope-driven Taenia solium Vaccine: Conservation of Pig-Human T helper Epitopes.

The other selected paper comes from fellow Chris Eickhoff of Saint Louis University, Dr. Daniel E. Hoft of Saint Louis University, Matthew Ardito and William Martin of EpiVax, Inc., and Eric Gustafson, formerly of iCubed. Their paper is titled Generation of Novel Chagas Vaccines. Evolving Studies/ Work in Progress.

Fellow Robin Welsh and Dr. Steven Williams, both of Smith College, joined Dr. Annie De Groot in presenting their poster titled From “Gene to Vaccine” for Brugia malayi: Applying Immunoinformatics tools to Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Following the completion of the ICIW Workshop, Eickhoff and Welsh will return to their respective research institutes. Gutierrez will return to Rhode Island to continue his work with iCubed.