National Public Health week, which begins April 6th and runs through April 12th is a multifaceted initiative run through the American Public Health Association designed with one major goal in mind- to make America the healthiest nation in the world by the year 2030.  The program has daily themes to promote this idea, ranging from “building momentum” which focuses on getting influential leaders, companies and organizations getting involved in taking steps to encourage a healthy country along with “building broader connections” which focuses on expanding the public health community by creating bonds between education officials, organizations, city planners and more.

At iCubed, health is clearly something that is not taken lightly.  Everyday our researchers work hard to discover ways to make safe and innovative vaccines to create a healthier nation and a healthier world community.  In our own community, iCubed strives to build broader connections by working with local businesses, universities, such as the University of Rhode Island, along with hospitals and government officials.  An example of this is one of the many projects run by our very own founder, Annie De Groot.  Dr. De Groot teaches students in a cross-institutional collaboration course on entrepreneurship.  The class guides scientists and business-trained professionals in the basics of biotechnology start-up with a focus on companies that support vaccine research.  The highly successful course has created a great deal of success in Providence, the community in which iCubed is located by helping to create job opportunities in Rhode Island, which has positively impacted not only economic growth, but also spreads awareness of national public health by aiding in the start-up and hiring of employees in the medical field.

iCubed is also no stranger to aiding its local community in “building momentum.”  Once a year, iCubed holds an annual conference,the Vaccine Renaissance,​ that allows students to interact with leaders in the scientific fields from all over the nation- and even from many other countries from outside the United States.  The prestigious list of speakers grows every year and always includes many different representatives from various companies, organizations, government agencies and more.  Though the annual conference, the future of the scientific field is able to listen to the newest scientific advances from many different facets of the field, while also giving everyone in attendance the opportunity to network and exchange ideas and thoughts about important current topics in the scientific community.

Fifteen years may seem like a great deal of time for the American Public Health Associations goal of making America the healthiest nation on the planet, but here at iCubed we understand what an enormous undertaking achieving that goal will entail and we plan to continue our efforts in making that goal a reality.  To read more about the daily themes, tools and tips and even how to get involved visit the National Public Health Week’s webpage at .