Siraj Janoudi Siraj.jpegis a double major in Medical Laboratory Science and B.S. Cellular Molecular Biology here at the University of Rhode Island and she looks forward to graduating in 2017. She began her intern work here at iCubed in November 2014 and since then she has been working hard in the lab. Siraj says she is excited when she learns a new technique in the laboratory and she also enjoys learning how to use a new device in order to apply it to an experiment, allowing her to analyze the information in a way that is useful for the purpose of the experiment. When she makes a connection between the concepts she’s learned so far in her classes and the work she is doing in the laboratory, she feels very excited about her work at iCubed. Upon the completion of her internship here at iCubed, Siraj plans to also complete an internship for Medical Lab science as well because it is different from the work she is doing now. Beyond internships, after graduation, Siraj hopes to go to graduate school in an effort to expand on her scientific knowledge and to become even more experienced in research work