iCubed is excited to welcome Dr. William Golde, a microbiologist from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, as the next speaker in our Seminar Series. Please join us all on Monday, April 23 at 4pm for his talk titled “Analysis of Vaccine Performance in the 21st Century: The Impact of Studies in Livestock Species.” The lecture will take place in the classroom adjacent to the iCubed offices located in room 302F on the University of Rhode Island’s Providence Campus.

Dr. Golde’s current projects at Plum Island include “Intervention Strategies to Support the Global Control and Eradication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus” and “A Modern Approach for the Development of Cattle Vaccines for Critical Bovine Diseases Impacting Smallholder Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

For more information on Dr. Golde and his research, please visit the following website: