In the past few months, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has began the process of running what they call Human “challenge” trials, meaning they intend to infect Human host with an active form of Dengue for the purpose of understanding the interaction of the virus with the human body. About 15 years ago Walter Reed Institute ran such trials with 15 military and civilian personnel with oversight from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

This news comes coupled with the fact that California is on high alert for infections of Dengue after 98 reported cases occurred during 2014.

At the Institute of Immunology and Informatics in Providence, Rhode Island, we are taking Dengue just as seriously. The Laboratory of Viral Immunity and Pathogenesis’ central focus is Dengue fever. Under the direction of Alan Rothman and Carey Medin, who have been involved in research on immunity and pathogenesis of viral diseases in humans for over 20 years, collaborate with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and other universities to better understand the virological and immunological events in acute dengue virus infection.

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Alan L. Rothman

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